When hunting with us at The Texana Ranch, you are likely to encounter species of animals that most hunters spend a lifetime pursuing. Our goal is to maintain a large, fair chase environment that brings a world of hunting all into one spectacular place. Our team works tirelessly to ensure the game animals on the ranch have all the nutrition, water and range they need to thrive and create a hunt like no other.

Experience a World of Hunting, All in One Place

Since it’s creation over 30 years ago, the Texana ranch has been dedicated to improving the natural habitat and managing the population of its native game for our hunters. The ranch boasts a strong herd of Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer and Rio Grande Turkey, as well as many of the natural predators such as Coyote, Bobcat and even an occasional Mountain Lion.

Native Game Animals

In addition to the native Texas game, we have introduced several species of other North American game animals to add to the overall hunting experience for our guests. We are fortunate to have an exceptionally large antlered herd of Rocky Mountain Elk all across the ranch. Hunters frequently take mature elk scoring well over the 350” mark. No ranch would be complete with out the mystique created by introducing buffalo and our herd at the Texana is simply impressive. Our buffalo are the only game animal on the ranch that are fearless - and if you’re lucky enough to run into one of the old bulls, you’ll soon understand why!

North American Game Animals

Bringing the world of hunting to our own backyward, the Texana has a vast population of exotic game animals thriving and breeding throughout the ranch. Species native to Africa such as the Addax, Zebra, and Scimitar-Horned Oryx do exceptionally well in this West Texas environment that is remarkably similar to their native lands of Africa. Other species native to India, Europe, Iran, and numerous other countries make for an unrivaled hunting experience. Be sure to see our “In The Wild” section for a complete listing of all the game animals that can be pursued on an adventure with The Texana Ranch.

International Game Animals